Unleashing Potential

Lyfeproof is a true youth development organisation. Our mission is to develop people, families and organisations through creative, collaborative means.
Our vision is to trigger then instill key skills, qualities, attributes that are building blocks towards the best future possible. Thereby making you life proof.


Alternative Education

Experiential learning programmes – bespoke to your settings, employment focused learning programmes, alternative education consultancy


Effective Consultancy

The best outcomes are not always inside the classroom. As you can see, we study what works and actually turn them into original, tangible and realistic solutions.


Young People

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  • Get young people back into education, employment, or training
  • Make young people ready for the world of work, in fun and creative ways
  • Develop young people’s strengths. We create experiential learning programmes where you learn by doing what you love
  • Work with young people whatever their background or difficulties
  • Bring the best research to life and improve the lives of real people.

LyfeProof offers fun, engaging ways to change young lives in meaningful ways through innovative experiences and enrichment activities.

We understand the challenge of having low confidence, limited choices and wanting more out of life. We know decision making is tough and some young people don’t know what to do next.

We offer practical and innovative solutions for young people from all walks of life. We know how important it is to have a sense of direction in this hectic world. We understand the complex needs of young people and families. So we are here to make a difference to society.

Since 2004, we have been striving to cater for the range of needs of young people with multiple disadvantages (additional learning needs, economic struggle and social difficulties). We use the most up to date knowledge and best practice to help those in need connect with the correct mix of solutions.

We offer a range of evidence based interventions for young people going through social, emotional and behavioral difficulties (SEBD).  This means whether you have social anxiety problems, shyness, anger issues or you learn better in creative ways, we can help get you from ok to great! Our magic is we co-create. We work with young people and schools/ families/ organisations to craft something that will actually work in the long term. Get in touch now to be immersed in some amazing enrichment activities.


"We worked with Lyeproof on enrichment activities in 8 schools, around domestic violence, music, healthy relationships, enterprise and British values. Lyfeproof have been very creative in getting us to reach so many young people, our CSR target was exceeded 3­fold thanks to the Lyfeproof team.
Our partnership has helped us connect with 7 new organisations we otherwise would have had difficulty in engaging with. We have also seen them really help young people access more opportunities in the community. It is a pleasure to be working with a social enterprise that shows results in a way that matters."

Managing Director at 33TV

“We did a music and spoken word enrichment day at my school (Saltley School), we had Deci4Life the spoken word artist that I had seen on the BBC. It felt great being inspired by someone I respect. The enrichment activities day helped me express myself. ”

Jane - Enrichment Activities Participant

“A big thank you for all Lyfeproof have done for me from helping me build confidence in music (believe me because I had none) to employability skills. I could honestly say I wouldn't have found employment if I didn't embark on a journey with yourselves.”

Kay - Enrichment Activities Participant

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your work earlier this year, you didn't know but you helped me out of a debt which I would not have been able to pay off at the time. But above all that I appreciate the time you take to educate and inspire young people to succeed. Keep doing what you do. Peace.”

Zee - Enrichment Activities Participant

"Teacher said this was the best Challenge Day they had seen at the school."

Mr Preston Head of 6th Form

"It really was a pleasure to be working as part of the organisation on the day.
I really liked the way that all the staff were very friendly and seemed to fit right into the environment, full of energy and undaunted by the task before them. I was very impressed at the amount of materials we were able to provide to the kids to make the day interesting and was very happy to see that they enjoyed working with us.
It was a very enjoyable experience which I will definitely value."


"No negative behaviour, we need more days like Lyfeproof."

Ms Dooley (Head of Yr8)

"Your delivery included everyone and even the lowest ability accessed the learning."

Ms Kaur (Head of 6th Form)

"Challenge day really helped us to see a different side of our students, even the most challenging were engaged and creative."

Ms Bartley (Head of Yr10)

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