Change is inevitable, progress is a choice.

We create careers experiences for progressing young people and educators.

Creating valuable experiences

Arts for life stimulates young people to think more by developing real life skills through real life experiences. Our platforms expose young people into real careers and open minds as well as opportunities with real brands and companies.

How Arts4Lyfe works

  • We engage your students and open a portal to amazing careers

  • We co-design a student led and community focused event in 6 weeks.

  • Students take on real job roles

  • Students get trained and mentored by professionals in industry

  • We continue to support your students into work experience/employment enrichment/career needs.

Our Partners

Impact Report

  • Gaining real life skills

  • Gaining an advantage towards careers/employment

  • We've proven we turn students around and motivate them

  • Raising school profile and community engagement

  • Social media and press coverage

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