“Lyfeproof integrates enterprise skills with sports, the arts, or special interests, therefore preparing young people for being self-starters ‘future proofing’ them ready for the world of employment and for healthy futures.”

World research and testimonials show that the modern world is increasingly complex and mentally challenging. Young people are bombarded with powerful imposing and sophisticated messages of social expectations daily.  Few have the balanced filtering systems needed to manage complex emotions, or to resist negative influences in order to survive and navigate a complicated and challenging world. Lyfeproof create bespoke and creative experiences that trigger and instill key skills, qualities or attributes for building blocks towards the best future possible.

Our core values breed our strong results.

  • Family All who work with us are family. Yes, that means patience, caring, long term relationships and sometimes being told the truth even if it is hard to take. Oh and if we fall, we get back up and start again together.
  • Experiential Learning Learning by doing works. Learning by doing what you love, helping people/ society/ environment and getting results that matter works much more.
  • Understanding the Inner Human Too often programs are delivered at people. We use proven assessment and listening systems to ensure the intervention solution is done with our family of Lyfeproof users. This means we have lower drop-outs, complete understanding of Lyfeproof users and therefore reducing chances of going backwards in life.
  • Do No Harm Sounds obvious but should never be forgotten.

As social values evolve, the well being and emotional stability of every citizen is increasingly important. LyfeProof helps young people, families and organisations to overcome the serious challenges of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties (SEBD) children all the way up to young adults. We only use evidence based interventions steeped in the most contemporary best practice.