We help with understand real ground level needs to limit drop-outs, regression and promote long term improvements.

We are proud of the privilege of being a voice for over 30,000 young people / families whom we have engaged with over the years. Their thoughts, hopes dreams and insights into their lives, communities and aspirations is something we responsibly manage and communicate to global and local organisations.

Previous Clients Include :

O2 Think Big
The Drum Cultural Arts Centre
Birmingham City Council
University of Birmingham
MAC (Midlands Arts Centre)
Skills To Shine
Access To Music
St Basil’s Homelessness Charity
Oxygen Rooms Music Studio
Various Alternative Provisions
Wolvehampton City Council
BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 1 Extra
BBC Radio 4
Big Centre TV
Punch Records
Global Radio
CapitalRadio Extra

Multiple Disadvantage is historically, a very difficult area to work with. We want to know what works. What makes you different & Why use Lyfe Proof?

Some research shows that skills associated with independent learning, trial and error, and collaborative work can prove successful in educating young people with behavioural difficulties. Overcoming challenges can be a great boost for young people with emotional difficulties and low confidence. The best outcomes are not always inside the classroom. As you can see, we study what works and actually turn them into original, tangible and realistic solutions.

As a consultancy, we help create alternative learning paths based on the needs of your setting and the individual/cohort. We thrive in challenging circumstances using innovation and creativity to develop practical solutions. We have worked with outdoor learning approaches like Forest Schools for young adolescent males – where young offenders access hidden skills, talents and self-awareness through outdoor learning. We tailor interventions to suit all ages and genders.

Our approach is to consult with you for your needs, and then, plan and time the intervention with appropriate assessment and measures.

We live in the fastest paced world yet, having a poor start in life is really hard to recover from. Schools & government can’t do it all. How do LyfeProof help the disadvantaged to stay ahead in a constantly changing world?

We are realistic and yet have high exectations. We refuse to avoid challenge and we ask the same of our partners/ service users. We research and analyse current and future trends, then bring the solutions to life. Our growing research has shown enterprise related skills to be a sustainable vector toward self-development as well as longer term employment skills. We also offer and support alternative education, through sport, music and social action – we are unique in using versatile approaches to solve age old problems. We believe we are leaders in this area of consultancy, bringing original solutions fuelled with diversity and sustainability.


Can Lyfe Proof  help you get an insight into children, young adults and families?

As youth engagement specialists, we hold extensive knowledge and understanding of the youth market. We can help you make sure young people actually use your service and actually talk about it too. We have also worked with organisations like O2 Think Big and Univerisity of Birmingham to support focus groups. The young people we work with are highly engaged, savvy and forward thinking. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship with our family of young people who are passionate about society and industry and genuinely want to support positive change. They want to engage with government, local authorities and businesses, we work tirelessly to ensure their insights are heard and taken on board.


Can LyfeProof advise you in how to reduce dropouts/ bid writing/ growing community reach?

Our ground level knowledge of real and actual needs in disadvantaged communities helps us help others when project planning or bid writing. In 2014,  we found our youth evangelists were responsible for keeping an enterprise programme running for 2 years running, and a 60% increase in new enquires/ referrals. Understanding to current areas of need is highly valuable in developing bids to support local organisations. In addition, the word of mouth amongst young people who are active in the community is the most powerful communication possible – our youth evangelists are proven in reaching individuals and families that are hardest to reach. Contact us to develop your vision and ambitions to help develop your communities.

Want to join us? We are always happy to work with people who have experienced first hand challenges of developmental and life difficulties, or those who are progressive in wanting to create solutions for helping others. We think it’s very valuable to gain insights into, and share the talents of people who understand the realities of living with disadvantage.


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