We co-create interventions or opportunities for development and growth. Using Enterprise and Leadership with Multi-media, Music, Dance, Art, Drama.

There is no project too big or no skill we cannot source. We work hard on staying on the pulse and cultivating the best grassroots expertise to enable Science, Maths or Literacy organizations to deliver their best work yet.

Since our inception we :

Tackled issues around unhealthy perceptions and relationships in Year 9 Males with Birmingham Based Secondary School.
Students left feeling empowered, engaged with and valued after we created a Loose Men/ Loose Women style panel of local community leaders.
The intervention tackled domestic violence, hyper masculinity, gender equality and misconceptions of gender roles/ responsibilities.
The programme helped the PSHE department to create a 12 month curriculum action plan.
We worked with 6 Buckinghamshire Schools tackling perceptions of social norms (smoking, sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying and healthy eating) with all Year 9 students.
We used interactive voting systems (think of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – ask the audience voting) to poll the attitudes and beliefs of the young people (confidentially).
Students left understanding that they largely engage in positive behaviours and sometimes the media and wider society think young people are doing things in higher proportions than is factual.
We then teach the young people campaigning skills using this uncovered knowledge.
Supported a national enterprise charity Blastbeat Education to deliver their unique programme in Music, Event Management and Social Enterprise skillsin 17 schools.
The programme helped to build employable skills in the youngpeople who were often at risk of offending or have had a record of offending. Other participants have been referred from social services/Looked After Children Services (some young people in care even self referred).
Over 800 young people up to 25 years old started a social enterprise based around live music, social action and financial literacy (some started with no money and created a profit of £800 from their first event).
The intervention has seen over 93% of participants remaining in education, getting training or engaging in paid work or volunteering.
Collaborated and co-designed with Skills To Shine to deliver their Summer School activities in the West Midlands.
The theme of Make £1 Grow, saw 60 11 year olds (transitioning into secondary school) have bespoke inspirational taster sessions in the creative arts and culinary arts.
Then the students went  on to build a business idea from the taster sessions and even pitched in a fun Dragon’s Den style event at the end of the programme.

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