Calling all creatives!

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Is this you?

Are you a budding performer looking for a stage to showcase your latest piece? An aspiring film maker, keen to premiere your most recent blockbuster? A passionate artist, with a new master piece that you want to exhibit? If you’re creative, in whatever shape, form and outlet this may take, Arts4Lyfe: The Motive wants you. If you’re not quite sure of how to get your vision off the ground, this is your chance to collaborate and build a team.If you haven’t quite found the art form that really excites you, this is your chance to get inspired.In our monthly meetups, that have the aim of bringing like minded creatives together, these networking events, could be the ideal opportunity for you to get your creation and your passion out there.

creatives meetup

Creatives can showcase their work. 


Perhaps you’re in a scenario similar to this. You’re a creative. You have something to share-but maybe it needs the innovation and talents of others. You might also lack the knowledge of how to really ‘make’ it in this industry-after all, school doesn’t really teach you these skills. That’s where we come in. Arts4Lyfe is driven by giving young people the chance to both present their work while at the same time hear from expert professionals. Collectively, it is hoped that this can and will only enhance you as a creative, in a frankly tough industry. But, it’s an industry that you certainly shouldn’t give up on, especially when The Creative Industries Federation Chief Executive has stressed that these industries “will be as important to future economic success as traditional industries, such as cars or oil and gas”.

So, whether you need a stage to fill, a catwalk to model, or a screen to project, we’ll sort that, all we need from you is your passion and a positive mindset. 

So, if you need creative talent or want like minded people to grow a project with, this is the place. Fill in this form to perform or exhibit your art form.

Written By Tiah Shepherd.


Lyfeproof – Finding creative ways to get young people life ready. Particularly through mind-set. Explaining things that help you move forward in life or prevent negative outcomes. Creating experiences and invite people to join. Sharing knowledge across sports, arts, sciences, financial literacy, employability mental health & wellbeing.

Our Vision: Imagine a world where people understand their brains enough to make better decisions, then imagine fully understanding money to never be at its mercy; now thread both with individual and collective purpose so that poverty and disadvantage can be overcome for generations to come.  

Our Mission: Lyfeproof works to help young people towards well being. We aim to do this by what you see (online experiences with us), or what you feel (our events, workshops or programmes).

Our Intuition: We believe in sharing things that are proven to work for different people. 

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