Community Call Out | Liza

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We’re supporting our community to connect with who and what you need. We’re gonna feature local people needing some know-how to get them to the next level. Let’s look out for each other. Keep dropping in to see who can help you.

We’ll be talking to a new member of the community every week. This week we’re chatting with Liza, a young ambassador for the Princes Trust . If you wanna work with Liza, or get involved with a project drop us a DM on @MotiveCV and we’ll connect you!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is . I am a 26 young ambassador for Princes’ Trust and have been for the past 6 years. I am also part of the Young People’s Funding Panel supporting young people with funding for projects. Since lockdown I have started researching childcare courses and engaged with courses such as mental health first aid, alcohol awareness, and drug misuse. I am currently doing level 2 in learning and teaching in schools.

Community Call Out | Liza

Liza is a young ambassador for The Princes Trust.


What do you think young people could be provided with to thrive in Coventry?

Making sure projects get enough funding so they can be done properly. Also, supporting young people better e.g. funding for workshops, more police officers on the streets so people can feel safe. Making sure that they have mental health support available to them. During the lockdown period, the mental health and wellbeing of teachers and their pupils declined during the 3rd UK lockdown. 81% of teachers say their students’ mental health declined during the lockdown period.(Education Support, 2021)


According to Education Support 81% of teachers think their students’ mental health declined during lockdown.

How do you think young people can be supported more seeing as their mental health has gotten worse during the lockdown period?

As a result of everything going online during the lockdown period, I think young people feel that their needs aren’t being met due to the pandemic and to the lack of face to face interaction. In fact, I think more young people felt that their anxiety had gotten worse.
It’s important for young people to know who they can turn to in turns of mental health support e.g organisations like Young Minds, Samaritans or friends/family.


If you’re interested in what Liza has spoken about, drop us a DM on @MotiveCV, or contact Lyfeproof UK to connect you.


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