Congratulations to Khadeem!

By August 14, 2016October 1st, 2020Blog

Birmingham Awards

Birmingham Awards nominated Khadeem Duncan-Banerjee in the category of Young Achiever of the Year!

Having firstly raised hundreds of pounds for community projects in a deprived and disadvantaged area, he then taught children and young people to work cohesively together via music-making. He also taught key business skills such as time management, patience and persuasiveness. Now Khadeem is currently working towards raising £5000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Then £1000 to sponsor children in the West Midlands. So far Khadeem has broken down the barriers of social acceptance in the music industry. He did this by conducting professional orchestras and choirs at the young age of 16.

Furthermore, he has done all this for the good of his community and with very little financial support. His local church has helped with advertising. EventBrite and LiveBrum promoted his projects, as have local radio interviews.

To vote for Khadeem to win Young Achiever of the Year click here, scroll down to his category, select Khadeem Duncan-Banerjee and click Vote.

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