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We’ll be talking to a new creative every week. This week we’re chatting with 16 year Aimee, a multi-talented radio DJ and A level student from Coventry. If you wanna work with Aimee, or get involved with a project drop us a DM on @MotiveCV and we’ll connect you!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Aimee Morley, I am 16 and a multi-talented radio DJ. I’m into event support and creating content for my radio show during these events. I’ve gained some experience in social media management and I’ve even hosted a podcast with MediaMania over the lockdown period. Eventually, I’d like to work in broadcast journalism and radio.


Creative Call Out | Aimee-Grace

Amie would like for more creative projects and training programmes to become available that actually give us some form of qualification.


What are some things you think young people could use in Coventry, from your perspective of a radio DJ?

I think there needs to be more creative opportunities available for creatives. The academic route of creativity is under shadowed and isn’t explored enough. For example, at Warwick University, they offer pathways to Law but they don’t have creative pathways for subjects such as journalism or photography. This worries me as someone who plans to attend Warwick University in the future. The lack of these creative opportunities/work experiences is also very worrying. To find one you either need to hunt for it or have connections and this shouldn’t be the case. I believe they should be more freely available. 

What sort of programs or courses do you think could be provided?

I would just like for more and different projects to become available. Different training programs that you can actually get a certificate and gain a qualification from. Previously for Aston University I did a creative job at the HubArt gallery (doing photography and media editing) for a week, but ever since then I haven’t had many opportunities to gain creative qualifications.

Are you looking for things like work experience, apprenticeships etc; more short term things like these?

Yes, but I’d also like long term opportunities as well. I have looked into finding work experience from the BBC but they don’t offer it to anyone under 18. What are you supposed to do if you’re not 18? This also applies for Channel 4 and ITV. I think what about people who are 16 and are trying to find a career they want to go into? I believe there should be more programs available for people who aren’t 18.

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