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By November 27, 2021December 6th, 2021Creative Call Out, Dudley, The Motive

We’re supporting creatives like you to connect with who and what you need. We’re gonna feature local talent needing some know-how to get them to the next level. Let’s look out for each other. Keep dropping in to see who can help you. 

We’ll be talking to a new creative every week. This week we’re chatting with Alex, a a guitarist from Dudley. If you wanna work with Alex, or get involved with a project get in contact with him @alexgbell_ on Instagram. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do…

I play guitar and I have a lot of gigs. I’m also looking to study Music Performance in University, and have always been passionate about music. 

Are there any Issues within Dudley that you would change?

I’d like to have more music venues, as there are a few local to Dudley, but there needs to be a lot more. I’d love to meet more people who are passionate about music and wanting to start new venues.

Creative Call Out - Alex Bell

Alex is a prospective Music Performance Student.

How did COVID affect your life?

I couldn’t do my gigs and much else, and had to record my music from home. It started to get really demotivating to play. 

How did not being able to do what you love affect you mentally?

I ended up with a few mental health issues again, as music was my escape from this. But now, I’ve finally got a few gigs booked as things have started to slowly open back up. 

If you’re interested in what Alex has spoken about, drop him a DM on @alexgbell_ or contact Lyfeproof UK to connect you.