Creative Call Out | Alexandria

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We’ll be talking to a new creative every week. This week we’re chatting with Wildlife photographer, and student Alexandria. If you wanna work with Alexandria, or get involved with a project drop her a DM @wildlife_photography_ad.  

Hey Alexandria, do you want to introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Alexandria and I’m 20. I’m currently a student who’ cares about wildlife, and animal welfare. I also do a lot of work with rescue sanctuaries.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

I believe that there should be more greenery, nature reserves should be better protected. There was this whole issue with the salt welfare, and how they tried to build on it, but luckily the idea was scrapped. I want more protection for this, so they can’t build and destroy natural habitats for not just animals, but nature in general. 

Creative Call Out - Alexandria

Alexandria would like to see more open spaces & parks made accessible for people in Dudley.

What does there need to be more of in Dudley?

My passion for nature and protecting it, has lead me to want more open spaces in Dudley. Parks are something that would not only help, but others like myself, and especially those suffering from mental health issues. It should be local for anyone to access parks and reserves to clear their minds of any anxieties and escape out of their own bubble.

How did COVID affect you?

I’ve just been stuck in the house, and it’s stopped me from doing all my field work. It’s all been changed into written work and I can’t put my passion into what I love. Mentally, it was a struggle for me, however I’ve coped and now due to things opening up a bit more, I’ve been able to do some of the extra stuff I was doing before.

If you’re interested in what Alexandria has spoken about, drop her a DM on @wildlife_photography_ad, or contact Lyfeproof UK to connect you.

Interviewer: Hammad