Creative Call Out | Neelam

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We’re supporting creatives like you to connect with who and what you need. We’re gonna feature local talent needing some know-how to get them to the next level. Let’s look out for each other. Keep dropping in to see who can help you. 

We’ll be talking to a new member of the community every week. This week we’re chatting with Neelam, a singer, based in Birmingham. If you wanna work with Neelam, or get involved with a project drop her a DM @0nimz on Instagram!

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Neelam, and I am 20 years old from Birmingham. I want to pursue my dream of becoming a singer. However I wouldn’t put myself into a single genre, every song I’ve written is different in its own way.

What could your community do to help you?

I believe the community could help me by connecting me to a producer to help me create beats for my songs. I am currently working on an EP, and it’s all but written, so all that’s holding me back from releasing it are the beats.


Creative Call Out - Neelam

20 Year old Neelam needs a producer to get her to the next level!

What can you offer to your community?

I am a bit of a shy individual, so I would love to get out there and help the community in any way I can. Whether that’s by songwriting, offering my vocal services, or jumping on a track with another singer or artist.

If you’re interested in what Neelam has spoken about, drop her a DM on Instagram @0nimz or contact Lyfeproof UK to connect you.

Interviewer: Leah