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By July 19, 2021October 7th, 2021Creative Call Out, The Motive, Walsall

We’re supporting creatives like you to connect with who and what you need. We’re gonna feature local talent needing some know-how to get them to the next level. Let’s look out for each other. Keep dropping in to see who can help you. 

We’ll be talking to a new creative every week. This week we’re chatting with Nicholas, a poet from Walsall. If you wanna work with Nicholas, or get involved with a project drop us a DM on @MotiveWalsall and we’ll connect you!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

So I am Nicholas, I’m a podcast host & radio presenter, and I’m in the final few weeks of being a sixth form student.

I run The Unscripted Podcast, where I interview musicians and other creatives. I’m currently working on season 4.

What do you think of the education system?

I think the education system is too heavy with an emphasis on stem subjects. ”If you’re told to do something you’re less likely to do it.” Apprenticeship opportunities are based around engineering, hospitality, health. There are no creative apprenticeship opportunities. I had to find my apprenticeship regarding creativity. This is the biggest problem in my opinion.

So what do you think should be done for other young creatives?

As an aspiring actor, the creative industries are known not to be particularly stable. I don’t think you should be unpersuaded. Acting agencies and other similar organisations should reach out to the aspiring young people and branch out to the education system. If you’re interested you should be given information. Rather than having to fend for yourself entirely. Lack of opportunities being effectively promoted in this community.

Did school have an influence on your interest in poetry & acting?

There’s a level of misconception with how we’re taught in schools. I wouldn’t have chosen to become a poet through what GCSE teaches you. Poetry can be about mental health issues. Mental health can help educate people in what poetry could do with helping peoples minds. “Everyone has the ability to be a poet, they just don’t know it yet.”

If you’re interested in what Nicholas has spoken about, drop us a DM on @MotiveWalsall, or contact Lyfeproof UK to connect you.

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