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Female Empowerment



And plenty of Girl Power.

On the 27th October, Iamace brought to Birmingham I am Marah, an event designed promote female empowerment and to inspire YOU to get your creative juices flowing and succeed in a career that is dictated by your ambitions. Not society’s standards. It was a night to let loose, have some fun and to be surrounded by like-minded people in an atmosphere brimming with positivity for female empowerment.

So, for those of you that don’t know, I am Marah translated from Arabic literally means I am Woman. A powerful statement that should never be underestimated. At least that’s what Ace believes. She is a woman whose DNA perhaps holds the exact sequence for passion and positivity. It’s her firm belief that we all have that sequence buried in our molecular structures somewhere. So it’s just a case of unlocking it and unleashing our potential.

So many talented and also inspirational female artists performed to prove that, with a mind packed with ambition and heart full of passion, something that, for years might have felt out of your grasp are actually achievable. Frizz Music and DJ AMS were just a couple of the incredible artists that performed in support of young women in the Birmingham community and beyond.

I am Marah

is only a small (admittedly still brightly coloured) section of the umbrella system that is IamAce. This section focuses more on empowering women in the music and media industry and aims to work with women from all walks of life. Just a small portion of those people being those that suffer with illness or are going through bereavement.

Like Lyfeproof, Ace will not build your tower but instead will help shelter your leaky foundations from the rain and give you the bricks needed to build up a career. Her view is that people have to endure enough challenges in life. Financial challenges to a potential career do not need to be a part of this.

Need a laptop?

A phone?

Maybe even something as basic as decent broadband?

A supportive network under IamAce awaits for anyone with the passion and drive to succeed.

 BUT do not be fooled but the title of this blog.

 OR even, for that matter, the name of the event.

Ace’s umbrella reaches out far and wide to offer shelter to anyone stuck in the cold showers that, at times, can feel never ending. Her umbrella’s brightly bold patterning and colours should be a beacon of hope and light to anyone that needs her support.

Just because this movement is dedicated to the empowerment of women, it doesn’t mean that people from all walks of life can’t walk through the doors. Gender, age, race, sexuality are merely labels. As long as you are willing to put the time and effort in, Ace will welcome you with a huge smile, open arms and inspire you to do something incredible within the first five minutes of meeting her. Email to find out more.

So come along to their next event and enjoy yourselves.


Written by Phoebe Kelly


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