One Small Step for a Student… One Giant Leap Towards the Future!

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For many, starting university includes moving away from the family home and supporting themselves entirely. So often that means finding a job. But for some, working in a rigid, inflexible paid job is not the most practical or effective plan for doing well in our degrees.

But without a paid job, how are we supposed to gain experience in the career that we wish to pursue?

Note to Self-Number 3 billion and 1:

Expect the Unexpected

Volunteering offers a route into the world of workVolunteering was an idea given to me by my mother’s friend, who had recently taken up an opportunity through DO-IT: a brilliant and ridiculously easy to use website if you are considering a volunteer role. It was an option that appealed to me for a variety of different reasons, one of which being the flexibility. So with university looming, I knew that my spare time would dwindle to perhaps a few scattered hours per week; certainly not enough to satisfy an employer. Through volunteering I now am able to balance the work from the role alongside my other responsibilities.

What I didn’t expect, however, was how much becoming a Lyfeproof blogger would teach me about the basic and specialised skill sets necessary for pursuing a career of your choice.


Note to Self-Number 3 billion and 2:

Just because you studied Creative Writing A-level doesn’t mean you are ‘a writer’

Although the government likes to believe that education prepares us for the harsher and more brutal realities of the world, the truth is it doesn’t. Here at Lyfeproof, the team are providing opportunities for young people to cross that cavernous gap from education to work.

Lyfeproof Help Bridge the Gap Between Education and EmployabilityAlthough they do not build the bridge for you, they would never leave you with only rotten rope to swing across. They allow you to stumble and make mistakes, and they provide the safety net if you fall. Volunteering at Lyfeproof allows my imagination to thrive and has helped my restless mind to hone the necessary skills that employers look for.

Volunteering isn’t all about skills to make your CV look shiny (although it does help). It’s about personal achievement, a confidence boost that we all need to enter the world beyond education.

Before becoming a volunteer here, I had no means of getting my writing out there and honestly didn’t believe that I ever would be able to. I lacked the confidence in myself and I will admit that I still do to a certain extent. Despite only volunteering with Lyfeproof for a short time, they have given me the opportunity to begin building my own bridge over a crevasse I never thought I’d be able to cross. Just by writing this blog, I have an opportunity to prove to myself that I am capable, something that my creative writing A-level never could do.


Note to self-3 billion and 3:

Give a Little, Learn a Lot

Volunteering sets you up with the life skills that are needed to go far, the kind of skills that Lyfeproof are trying to make more accessible to young people like you and me. But you might wonder why you’d want to volunteer for free when you can gain experience through a job that pays. Understandably, it’s not something that will suit everyone. Many young people would rather have the money as well as the training. For me, volunteering can offer training in jobs that are perhaps a little out of reach elsewhere. A paid job for someone straight out of college doesn’t often lead into a career, or help you start building one.

If I hadn’t taken up this voluntary position, getting professional writing experience meant traveling to London for a few weeks of work experience.  This is not a learning style that suits me. And it was a comfort to come into an environment with people that actually understand young people.

Lyfeproof have instead given me the opportunity to learn and retain the information. Instead of criticising mistakes and failures like school sometimes seems to do, the Lyfeproof team will nurture your skills. We aim to mould them into something permanent that you can always have.

Finding Your 'Why' in Life

Note to Self 3 Billion and 4:

You haven’t finished finding your ‘why’ in life just yet…

So no, you will not be paid in cash for volunteering. Instead, you’ll be rewarded with something much more valuable.

You’ll earn the skills that will boost your CV and in the process, gain greater confidence in yourself while being exposed to a working environment that might not be so different from the one you will find yourself in for your career.


Written by Phoebe Kelly


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