Simmer Down Festival is Back – and this time it’s Crucial!

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SimmerDown2017-MainFlyerSimmer Down Festival is back after a year off in 2016, with new partnerships and new features. Simmer Down Festival aims to offer youth opportunities for Brimingham and West Midlands music lovers. Based in the North West Birmingham, the neighbouring regions welcome the return of the rapidly growing free reggae and world music festival, with opportunities lined up for our young people. We are looking forward to developing opportunities.

Crucial Sponsors

This year the festival is more sustainable than ever.  It blends public and private sector partnerships to create a day of music and food experiences . The lead sponsor of the event is Birmingham-based food manufacturing company, Crucial Sauces. The Crucial Sauce Company have pinned their name and reputation to the Midlands’ largest reggae and world music and food event, reflecting their pride in their Birmingham roots and their multicultural values.

Since 2001 the Crucial Sauce Company has been producing products that people love. Our wide range of flavours, from around the world, are used and enjoyed in and out of the home. Whether it be restaurants, take aways, cafés or mobile caterers we are the go-to crucial brand for many of the food vendors in our city.

We are delighted to be partnering with and sponsoring The 2017 Simmer Down Festival. It gives us a unique and fantastic opportunity to both support and celebrate with our local community.”

 – The Crucial Sauce Company

JA Digital Media - Simmer Down 2015 LR-131Festival Return

Lovers of world music missed the free community festival intensely last year. Organisers temporarily parked the festival over 2016 for review and planning, following the closure of key partner and arts-based ally, The Drum Cultural Arts Centre. So they have since worked hard to make sure that Simmer Down can come back better and stronger than ever.

“Simmer Down Festival 2017 is now shaped to bring communities together, as we have harnessed partnerships and collaborations with passionate local organisations that want to give Handsworth and the surrounding areas of Birmingham the multicultural experiences and enjoyment that they deserve.”

– Simmer Down Festival Board Member

The free one-day festival is now happening on 23rd July, at Handsworth Park. And Lyfeproof has been delivering projects in the Northwest area of Birmingham with schools that are in the region of the festival, like, Handsworth Wood Girls, Hamstead Hall, Hollyhead, Aston Manor,  and Holte – all secondary academies. The festival will draw 20,000 people and reggae legend Freddie McGregor will headline. Other performers include Macka B, The Big Ship Band and so many more local musicians and performing artists from a range of world music genres showcasing across two stages. We have over 40 roles available for young people to take part in. Some paid opportunities available.

For further information, please contact LyfeProof: | 0121 622 3603 | @lyfeproof


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