In our next blog, Ashlee E L Roberts discusses employability, education and how Lyfeproof helps young people fuse the two concepts together


Employment can be daunting for young people.



Whilst education makes students cultured; its teachings rarely hum the tune of employability. Schools often blur the lines between the two, but here at Lyfeproof, we encourage young people to recognise their differences and nurture them both equally in weight.


So, let’s break down the concepts, and find out why they are so fundamentally different:



Firstly, most of us have access to a good, well-rounded education. And this gives us the basic grounding to our surroundings.

Schools enable young people to see society through humanistic, artistic and scientific eyes. Even the laborious lessons on Henry VIII gives students a good grasp on hierarchies and politics – even if they’re not aware of it at the time.

At the end of our educational journeys, we are awarded certificates and merits of achievement – this is our passport into the world of employment



Are schools helping students to become employable?





Do you work well in a team?

This is a small example of CV buzz-words that make job applicants appealing.

Employers want candidates who can show initiative and engage in interpersonal relationships. Everything is magnified in the workplace – poor punctuality in school or skipping sessions can translate horrendously to employers. Nobody wants to hire someone who is unreliable and lacks integrity. They want a personified version of their business.

In short: If your qualities doesn’t match; it makes you unemployable.



Here at Lyfeproof, we help unlock employability skills in young people via fun, creative ways


The Difference

There is a big problem when education is mistaken for employability.

So of course, having qualifications gives you a huge advantage in the job world, but it’s almost become a standard expectation for millennials to have a degree or an equivalent.

Having knowledge does not automatically make you employable. So graduates must learn how to use it to the benefit of their employers or their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

This contributes to why a third of graduates now work in non-professional roles and why a further seven percent of graduates end up unemployed after leaving university.

Schools rarely teach students how to integrate into the workplace. Without employability skills acquired through work experience or training programmes, applicants have only their qualifications to rely on. Sadly, this is not enough to become employable.


So, in a world of clones, how can candidates stand out?



Our fun training sessions will unleash your employable qualities


Lyfeproof and Youth Employability

Here at Lyfeproof, we teach young people how to fuse their education with attractive qualities employers’ desire.

Through fun, creative activities and training, young people will develop a range of skills to help sell themselves effectively and grow in confidence.

We want to help portray the best version of you

Education is the passport.

Employability is the luggage.

Through Lyfeproof, we will help you arrive as a full package, ready and equipped for the world of employment.


“It was clear straight away that this placement would be perfect to teach me all the admin and behind the scenes paper work that goes into making an event successful. I know other companies that do one or two aspects Aspire4U offered me but I am certain I would not get nearly as much out of them as I did here” – Tembi Xena




Written by Ashlee E L Roberts


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